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Dear Job Aspirants,
Wishing you a successful career.

You all are striving hard to place yourselves in a good organization. Quality clangs & every organization search quality people but a million dollar question is why institutions are not producing right skilled human resource? Why graduates, Postgraduates, Technocrats, even doctorates are readily available for odd jobs? Why media house is making negative stories about degree holders? Why students of branded institutions are lagging behind? Why job aspirants are invariably changing their jobs? Top recruiters are unable to find the right human resource? Why industries expectations are not matching up with your job profile? Why degree is not delivering skill? Why the skill deficit is so rampant? Why majority of job aspirants have similar disappointment “नौकरी नहीं मिलती” and recruiting agencies have different worries “आदमी नहीं मिलता”. According to Men’s Tracks, India’s largest skill assessment company, in a talent pool report clearly pointed out –“3 out of 4 MBAs are unemployable in India”.
In order to bridge the competency gap between job seekers & industry, the very concept of Personality Development Programme (PDP) came into existence and we call it “Mission Employability”. We need money with recognition & stability but not ready to pay the price at the formation stage of career building. Majority of the Institutions (Technical & Non-Technical) are not offering good forum to students for the enhancement of Personality Development(Soft Skills), Mock Interview , Group Discussion, Public Speaking, Interactive Session, Managerial Communication, Tips for Good Public Relation, Leadership Skill, Business Etiquette, Influencing Skill, Interpersonal Communication, Team Management, Presentation Skill, Motivation Skill, Ability to deal with ambiguity, Adaptability, Flexibility, Right Body Language, Right Dressing Sense, Grooming Management, Shaking hand with warmth, Role of smile, Eye contact, Emotional Intelligence and many more. In one of the surveys of Stanford Institute, it has been found that out of Fortune-500 companies CEOs success; 75% role is of soft skills and rest 25% depend on job knowledge i.e. Technical Skill.
Most professionals are realizing that the key to be a successful manager is not only one’s ability to prepare a schedule, produce a budget or complete an evaluation but also to work with people who are employees, colleague & customers. While dealing with people, it is not about knowledge & technical skill but it is all about communication skills, body language & convincing skill. We curse, abuse & show resentment many times because of short supply of skilled people but never take pain to understand the real cause. We are here to make you a fully groomed corporate professional.
At last let me tell you clearly that it is our mission to make you Employable Work Force for the Nation.

With Best Wishes.
Abdul Rahman Madni.

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