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It is rightly said that “Nothing succeed like success”. It is equally true that success is not an accident but a result of our attitude and mindset. Since the inception of “Unik Technical & Professional Study Institute”, we had a very clear visionary mission to convert youth into employable workforce. Un-employability breeds frustration and escapist tendency amongst youth. Majority of students are suffering not because of unemployment rather Un-employability. We will spread the gift of knowledge in you and turn your dreams into reality. We are here to correct your shortcomings at every step.
Do you have passion? According to the law of aerodynamics, “Bumble bee cannot fly because its body weight is not in the right proportion to its wings span”, ignoring this law, the bee flies anywhere. It is because of attitude to fly and passion to fly. When you believe you can-you can. We understand your basic problem. This is the reason why we have taken this noble step to start “Ahilya Knowledge Park” for you. You will get everything under one roof so far as enhancing your employability skill is concern. Fortunately, we have a band of highly experienced, properly qualified and professionally seasoned people. They are our real asset. Under their supervision, guidance and proper direction, every student will script his own professional destiny.
My all good wishes to Team Unik. I am with you and appreciate always positive and constructive suggestions for the development of all academic accomplishment.

Thanking You.
With Best wishes.
Vidhya Devi.

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